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Express India, a rebranding of Air India Express operates flights from Mumbai-Hyderabad-Bhubaneswar-Kolkata and Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaipur. Air India, Kingfisher, Jet Airways and Indian Airlines also operate direct flights from Mumbai (India).


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Express India

Flights from Mumbai

Express India operates the following flights from Mumbai International Airport.

Mumbai to India

Flight route



Time zone


Mumbai to kolkata



GMT + 5:30

via Hyderabad and Bhubaneswar

Mumbai to Jaipur



GMT + 5:30

via Ahmedabad

Flights to Mumbai

India to Mumbai

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Time zone










About Express India

by Chelna Mare

Air India Express is a low cost airline operating mainly from the southern states of India. From 26 January to 26 March 2011 AI Express will be offering free seats on 37 of the 168 weekly domestic flights.

AI Express will officially launch their low cost domestic routes from April 2011 including a rebranding to Express India and better utilisation of the 21 strong fleet. The new fares will be competitively priced at approximately 40% cheaper than other full service carriers.

Each of the 21 AI Express aircraft features a different tail design that reflects different parts of Indian culture, history and tradition. For instance, Craft VT-AYB features a rare white tiger on the left wing and a spotted Chital deer on the right.

Despite being a low cost carrier, Air India Express will offer a snack box or light meal to its passengers. The meals are mainly Indian cuisine and bottled mineral water will also be provided free of charge.

Currently operating mainly to South East Asia and the Middle East, AI Express has plans for extension to Europe and the Americas once new aircraft have been procured.

Express India Info

april 2011

Express India launch cheap-fare domestic routes from Mumbai-Hyderabad-Bhubaneswar-Kolkata and Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Jaipur.


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