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Jet Konnect flights from Mumbai

Jet Konnect is the low cost carrier of Jet Airways, operating under the flight numbers 9W 2000 - 2999.


flights from Mumbai


Flights from Mumbai

Jet Konnect operated the following flights from Mumbai International Airport.

Mumbai to India

Flight route

Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Mumbai to Bhavnagar

Mumbai to Bhopal

Mumbai to Chennai

Mumbai to Jaipur

Mumbai to Jodhpur

Mumbai to Udaipur

Mumbai to Vadodara (Baroda)

Jet Konnect Info

11 Oct 2012

A full-service Premi√®re¬†Class is introduced on all B737-700/800 flights in India. “The Jet Airways Group has always been proactive in responding to guest requirements and has demonstrated a customer-centric approach in devising products and services accordingly. Based on the feedback received from many of our frequent fliers, we have ensured that Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft on our domestic network, be it under Jet Airways or the JetKonnect brand, are configured with Jet Airways' acclaimed Premiere Cabin, one of the best business class products in the world, with no differentiation in the product or service offerings. We are confident that the full-service Premiere configuration introduced on all our JetKonnect Boeing 737-700/800 aircraft, will prove extremely popular with our guests.” said Jet Airways' CCO, Sudheer Raghavan.

25 Mar 2012

Jet Konnect ceases to exist, after a merger with Jet Konnect.

8 Mar 2009

Jet Konnect is launched by Jet Airways, as its low cost carrier. Jet Airways decided to launch a new airline instead of using Jet Konnect, because of regulalatory delays involved in a transferring planes from Jet Airways to Jet Konnect.

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